Montag, 23. August 2010

A remarkable individuality:

On Sunday I met by chance:

Prof Shenandoah Forest

Currently developing a new ethic to inspire the postcomputer age - Fortuna Major. Prof. Shenandoah's philosophic teachings through events, books, paintings and sculpture, are simple, provocative, full of humor and hugely inspiring. Essential for humanity at a crossroads. Born in 1935 in New York, practiced innovative landscape architecture in California and Seattle through the 6Us and 70's. Participated in the Flower Power Summer of '67 in San Francisco and the explosively creative era that followed. Developed and taught academic courses on personal awakening through applied Intuition. Produced a complement of guidebooks and his own personal tarot cards- published as “The Wanderers Laughing Fortune Tarot”. Many in America still remember his happy and shocking Interview on National Public Radio.

Shenandoah is respected by the Blackfoot tribe of Montana as a true shaman. He stopped overnight at volcano Mr. St. Helens' western flanks to have her explode, exactly as predicted, in time for breakfast. Teaches principles of intuitive design and personal empowerment at his homebases in France, Australia and seminars world-wide. Expresses his vision through ink on paper and canvas, designs with wood, metal and mixed materials. His work is in a good number of private collections in Australia, Europe and U.S.A. Shenandoah's favorite challenge is to turn a defeat into a victory. He rends to live closely with sunrises, thunderstorms and bearded dragons.