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Ehemaliger Waldorfschüler - Odd Nerdrum

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Odd Nerdrum

Born April 8, 1944 (age 66) Sweden, Nationality Norwegian

Odd Nerdrum (born April 8, 1944 in Sweden), is a Norwegian figurative painter. The style and themes in Nerdrum's work, based onanecdote and narrative place him in direct conflict with the abstraction and conceptual art considered acceptable in much of his native Norway.

Nerdrum creates six to eight paintings per year that have been categorized as: Still life paintings of small objects like bricks, portraits and self portraits whose subjects are dressed as if from some other time and place, and large paintings, allegorical in nature that present a sense of the apocalyptic, and again reference another time.[1]

Nerdrum claims that his art should be understood as kitsch rather than art as such. "On Kitsch", a manifesto composed by Nerdrum describes the distinction he makes between kitsch and art.

Return of the Sun, 1986-1995, 41 3/4" X 63 1/2", Oil on Canvas


Early education

Nerdrum began his formal education in 1951 in Oslo, in a private Rudolf Steiner school rather than in the standard, public school system. This education would set Odd apart from his contemporaries. The system was based on anthroposophy that saw mankind as once living in harmony with the universe but now existing in a lesser state of rationality. Through spiritual or esoteric practice, Steiner believed mankind could find its way back to a connection with higher realities and to renewed harmony with the universe. Learning for students was often kinesthetic, for example, through dramatic enactments of history and fantasy, and through musical exercises that were reminiscent of the patterns found on ancient Greek vases, depicting figures moving in parallel patterns. These parallel patterns could be found in later Nerdrum work, as can a sensibility for iconographic images and costume.

Jens Bjørneboe, a grade school mentor said Nerdrum even at that age exhibited tendencies of innate talent and industry, but also impatience with those with less abilities than himself.[3]

Artistic study

Nerdrum began study at the Art Academy of Oslo, but became dissatisfied with the direction of modern art, and began to teach himself how to paint in a Neo Baroque style, with the guidance of Rembrandt's technique and work as a primary influence. Of the impact he felt on seeing two of Rembrandt's paintings Batavernes Oath of Claudius Civilis, and Simon bless the baby Jesus, Nerdrum says it was "Pervasive. Like finding home. I can say I found a home in this picture,... The strange thing with Rembrandt is the confidence he inspires - like when you warm your hands on a stove. Without Rembrandt [we][art] would have been so poor,"[4] By abandoning the accepted path of modern art, Nerdrum placed himself in direct opposition to most aspects of the school, including his primary painting instructor, his fellow students, and a curriculum designed to present Norway as a country with an up-to-date artistic culture. He, in his own words was chased from the academy after a two-year period like a "scroungy mutt". Years later Nerdrum said,